Ginna BB Gordon     author / chef / artist

aGinna BB Gordon has an amazing lifetime of creative experience. Her artistic journeys have taken her through high-end custom bookbinding, fine silk and Tibetan Thangka painting, and custom clothing design and adornment.

An accomplished vegetarian chef and cook book author, Ginna was founding executive chef at Deepak Chopra's Center for Health and Well-Being in La Jolla, California. Ginna has created gourmet vegetarian food for movie stars,Tibetan Lamas, for retreat and conference centers, and for her own successful cafes.

little sofa

Based on her years of working closely with Dr. Chopra, she and co-author David Simon, MD, wrote A Simple Celebration: a vegetarian cookbook for body mind and spirit.

Ginna is an acclaimed creator of hand-painted high-art ceramics, embellished clothing, and elegant bead adornments for the nourishment and delight of the artistic spirit. Her works are in private collections thrughout the United States.

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Ginna lives in a beautiful old farmhouse in Carmel Valley, with her husband, singer-teacher David Gordon, and their cat, Squeaks.

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