What is Dichroic Glass and Why is it so Beautiful?pendant

Dichroic glass was developed by NASA for use in in super-reflective satellite mirrors. The glass is made up of many microscopically thin layers of glass and metal (such as gold, silver, and titanium).

"Dichroic" means "two-colored." This amazing glass transmits one color of light and reflects another. The metals determine which wavelengths of light will pass through or be reflected. This causes a brilliant and scintillating array of color to be visible.

The variation of the vibrant colors depends on the viewing angle and on the ambient colors reflected to the glass from skin tones and clothing. Pandant

The beautiful result: the dichroic jewelry takes on a different look depending on your skin, your outfit and even the time of day.

Dichroic glass can be fused with itself or with other compatible glass in a relatively low-temperature kiln.

Because of inevitable variations in the metal deposition and glass firing processes, individual results are never the same; each piece of fused dichroic glass is utterly unique and no two pieces are ever alike. As a result, this jewelry-making process can be very exciting.

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